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Passively Mode-Locked 1.93-㎛ All-Fiberized Femtosecond MOPA Laser Using a Gold-Deposited Side-Polished Fiber
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 Title & Authors
Passively Mode-Locked 1.93-㎛ All-Fiberized Femtosecond MOPA Laser Using a Gold-Deposited Side-Polished Fiber
Jung, Minwan; Koo, Joonhoi; Lee, Ju Han;
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We experimentally demonstrate the use of a gold-deposited side-polished fiber as a -band polarizing device to produce mode-locked pulses from a thulium/holmium-codoped fiber ring cavity. The mode-locking effect was induced by nonlinear transmission caused by the gold-deposited side-polished fiber, due to nonlinear polarization rotation of the oscillated beam within the fiberized cavity. It is also shown that ~558-fs pulses with a peak power of ~6.7 kW could readily be produced at a wavelength of 1935 nm through subsequent thulium/holmium-codoped fiber amplification, due to the higher-order soliton compression effect.
Mode-locked laser;Fiber Laser;Thulium-doped fiber;
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