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Validation of G-HEXACO for Application to Game Character`s Personality - Focusing on FIFA Online3-
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  • Journal title : Journal of Korea Game Society
  • Volume 15, Issue 5,  2015, pp.7-18
  • Publisher : Korea Game Society
  • DOI : 10.7583/JKGS.2015.15.5.7
 Title & Authors
Validation of G-HEXACO for Application to Game Character`s Personality - Focusing on FIFA Online3-
Kim, Mi-Sun; Ko, Il-Ju;
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The purpose of the present study is to build a theoretical basis for game character that represents the various personalities and interacts with the other characters in the game, applying the HEXACO theory to game character. It is hard to use the HEXACO to the game because the HEXACO is a theory based on the real world, on the contrary, the game has features of the virtual reality. Therefore, the HEXACO needs to be converted to Game HEXACO(G-HEXACO) for applying personality factors to the game character. To achieve this, we surveyed the HEXACO-PI-R and game questions related with the HEXACO factors. On the basis of the results, we designed G-HEXACO. This study means that the HEXACO could be replaced with the G-HEXACO to applying personality factors to the game character.
Personality Factors;HEXACO;HEXACO-PI-R;Game Character;Artificial Character;
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HEXACO를 기반으로 한 FIFA Online3 캐릭터의 포지션별 성격 적용 방안 연구,김미선;박준형;고일주;

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