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Creation of Natural Terrain by Erosion Simulation
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  • Journal title : Journal of Korea Game Society
  • Volume 15, Issue 6,  2015, pp.171-182
  • Publisher : Korea Game Society
  • DOI : 10.7583/JKGS.2015.15.6.171
 Title & Authors
Creation of Natural Terrain by Erosion Simulation
Han, Yeong-Deok;
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Existing hydraulic terrain erosion simulations mainly focus on small scale terrain deformations. In this paper, we propose a simulation method combining hydraulic terrain erosion and thermal erosion, by which a natural large scale terrain of mountainous regions with river networks can be created. For water movement we use the pipe model of shallow water simulation, and for the easy formation of watercourse we use velocity dependent erosion, also we apply thermal erosion for the formation of V-form slopes in the vicinity of stream lines. As a result, we can obtain good natural shaped terrains for certain ranges of (sediment capacity constant) and (velocity dependent erosion strength) values. Also we present improved thermal erosion method, and suggest a way to avoid problems caused by large value.
terrain;erosion;simulation;river network;mountain;sediment capacity;
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