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An Analysis of determinant on Repurchase Behavior of Game User in Chinese online game industry: moderation effect of online review
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  • Journal title : Journal of Korea Game Society
  • Volume 15, Issue 6,  2015, pp.41-54
  • Publisher : Korea Game Society
  • DOI : 10.7583/JKGS.2015.15.6.41
 Title & Authors
An Analysis of determinant on Repurchase Behavior of Game User in Chinese online game industry: moderation effect of online review
Lee, Young-Duck;
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Despite a great performance of Korean online game in Chinese online game market, Korean companies were faced with decreasing market positions in China from 2006. To overcome this problem, I will suggest a research model about determinant of repurchase behavior of on-line game user and moderation effect of online review. Data collected from questionnaire survey were used in empirical analysis on research hypothesis through moderated multiple regression method. There are several conclusions as such; first, perceived value and loyalty of consumer have great positive relationships with repurchase behavior. Second, online review has positive direct influence on repurchase behavior and moderation effect of relationships among them. Third, game company has great efforts to develop online games and game contents which were guaranteed before in price, quality, information, and accurate consideration of online review.
on-line game;perceived value;loyalty;repurchase behavior;moderation effect;
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