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Study on the Cold Mass Occurrence in the Eastern Coast of the Korean Peninsula in Summer
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Cold Mass Occurrence in the Eastern Coast of the Korean Peninsula in Summer
Suh Young-Sang; Hwang Jae-Dong;
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Daily time series of longshore sea surface temperature (SST) data at 3 stations, sea surface SST data at 58 stations in the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsular from 2001 to 2005 were used in order to study the temporal and spatial variations of the upwelling coastal cold water occurred in summer season. When the cold water occurred, SST has been decreased more than in a day. The cold water occurred frequently in the eastern coastal areas of Korea such as Ulgi, Kampo, Jukbyun. Daily variations of cold water temperature were quantified using remote control buoy system at Kijang in the southeastern coastal water from July to August in 2004. Hourly variations of SST occurred around when cold water disappeared at Kijang. There were close relationship between the strength of East Korean Warm Current, North Korean Cold Water and the scale of spatio-temporal cold water variations in summer season.
Upwelling;SST;NOAA satellite;Cold Water;Temporal and Spatial Variations;
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수하식 양식장용 실시간 해양환경 관측시스템 개발 및 동해 연안의 수온변동 특성,양준용;김임학;이준수;황재동;서영상;김대철;

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