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Preparation of Biodegradable Oil Gelling Agent and Biodegradation Characteristics by Enzyme
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 Title & Authors
Preparation of Biodegradable Oil Gelling Agent and Biodegradation Characteristics by Enzyme
Kim Jung-Du; Yoo Su-Yong; Lee Min-Gyu;
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Biodegradable oil gelling agent was prepared, and their oil absorption capacities using light oil, lubricant oil and corn oil were investigated. The result showed that the oil absorption capacity was depended on the amount of surfactant and starch added, and was increased in the order of light oil, lubricant oil and corn oil. Also, the oil-absorption capacity was saturated within 30 min at . The biodegradability of the prepared biodegradable oil gelling agent was also studied by determination of reduced sugar produced after enzymatic hydrolysis. Their surface morphologies and thermal properties of the prepared biodegradable oil gelling agent were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), respectively.
Biodegardable oil gelling agent;Oil absorption capacity;Enzyme;
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