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Ecological Characteristics and Distribution of Native Scrophularia takesimensis in Ulleung-do Island
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 Title & Authors
Ecological Characteristics and Distribution of Native Scrophularia takesimensis in Ulleung-do Island
Ahn Young-Hee;
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Scrophularia takesimensis Nakai called 'Sum-Hyun Sam' growing about 1m in high is a perennial plant of Scrophulariaceae. Because the number of these species is very limited in the world, the Ministry of Environment has appointed S. takesimensis as a preserved plant. The Korea Forest Service also protects it strictly by the law since S. takesimensis is an out-of-the-way plant and possible to be exterminated soon in Korea. Investigation for distribution and ecological characteristics of the habitat far S. takesimensis was carried out in Ulleung-do Island. S. takesimensis has a tendency to emerged with Calystegia soldanella Roem. et Schultb. and Artemisia japonica subsp. littoricola Kitam. C. soldanella community were developed on the dry and well-lighted as east or north facing conditions. A. japonica subsp. littoricola community have tendency to developed on the properly lighted as west or north facing and well maintained soil or air humidity. C. soldanella community were developed on the sandy gravel or gravel and grew with Farfugium japonicum, (L.) Kitam., Lonicera japonica Thunb., and Peucedanum japonicum Thunb.. A japonica subsp. littoricola communities were emerged on the rock beds or pile of rocks and grew with Sedum oryzifolium Makino, Sedum takesimense Nakai, and Spergularia marina (L.) Griseb.
Sum-Hyun-Sam;Habitat;Out-of-the-way plant;Ulleung-do Island;
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