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Observational Study of Surface Ozone in Jeju Island
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 Title & Authors
Observational Study of Surface Ozone in Jeju Island
Hu Chul-Goo; Lee Ki-Ho;
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Ozone measurements made from 4 sites in Jeju Island have been analyzed, including those from two urban and two rural locales. The data were analyzed in terms of the seasonal and diurnal trends. It should be clear that the surface ozone levels in Jeju area would be relatively sensitive to the external ozone supply originated from the region of Northeast Asia. It seems to be that due to the reactions of ozone with and CO, the average ozone level in Jeju City appears lower than that in Seogwipo City although Jeju City is the largest city in Jeju Island.
Surface ozone;Jeju Island;Long range transport;Urban and rural areas;
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