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Risk assessment of Nitrogen Dioxide exposure on Welders
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 Title & Authors
Risk assessment of Nitrogen Dioxide exposure on Welders
Jeong Seong-Wook; Song Seung-Hyg; Park Heung-Jai;
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This study evaluated the hazard caused by , an oxidant generated in the process of welding. We com­pared hematological and biochemical parameters in workers who chronically inhale and office workers not exposed to . exposure affected the hematological and biochemical parameters. Increasing concen­trationincreased the number of leukocytes, while decreasing the number of erythrocytes. Blood urea nitrogen, cre­atinine, uric acid, and lactate dehydrogenase were increased, while total protein and triglycerides were decreased. The mean concentration of in the serum of welders and the control group was respectively. The difference was significant (p < 0.05), although was not detected in the serum.
Nitrogen dioxide;Hematological factors;Biochemical factors;Welders;
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