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Distributions of temperature and salinity in relation to ebb, turn of tide and flood of the Bottol Bada in July, 2004
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 Title & Authors
Distributions of temperature and salinity in relation to ebb, turn of tide and flood of the Bottol Bada in July, 2004
Choi Yong-Kyu; Cho Eun-Seob; Lee Yong-Hwa; Lee Young-Sik;
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Based on the observation on 20, 23 and 26 July 2004, the distributions of temperature, salinity and stratification was investigated in relation to ebb, turn of tide and flood. The results are as follows: I) The high temperature and low saline water with existed at Naro Island. 2) The cold surface water below appeared in the area near Gae Island and Geumo Island. 3) The cold and saline water, below at the surface and near the bottom, at the surface and near the bottom, existed in Sori Island. These waters were more saline compared to the South Sea Coastal Water with about 31.8psu. This suggests that the oceanic saline water intruded into the Bottol Bada through the area near Sori Island. The stratification appeared during all the observation periods due to a high solar radiation of , and a weak wind speed of 2.9m/s on the average while the mean speed of wind in July is around 3.9 m/s. It qualitatively suggested that the stratification was maintained during the observation periods because of a high solar radiation, a weak wind speed and intrusion of saline oceanic water.
Stratification;Ebb;Turn of tide;Flood;Intrusion;
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