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On-stream Activity and Surface Chemical Structure of CoO2/TiO2 Catalysts for Continuous Wet TCE Oxidation
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 Title & Authors
On-stream Activity and Surface Chemical Structure of CoO2/TiO2 Catalysts for Continuous Wet TCE Oxidation
Kim Moon Hyeon; Choo Kwang-Ho;
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Catalytic wet oxidation of trichloroethylene (TCE) in water has been conducted using cobalt oxides at with a weight hourly space velocity of , prepared by using an incipient wetness technique, might be the most promising catalyst for the wet oxidation although it exhibited a transient behavior in time on-stream activity. Not only could the bare support be inactive for the wet decomposition reaction, but no TCE removal also occurred by the process of adsorption on surface. The catalytic activity was independent of all particle sizes used, thereby representing no mass transfer limitation in intraparticle diffusion. XPS spectra of both fresh and used Co surfaces gave different surface spectral features for each binding energy for Co species in the fresh catalyst appeared at 781.3 eV, which is very similar to the chemical states of such as . The used catalyst exhibited a 780.3-eV main peak with a satellite structure at 795.8 eV. Based on XPS spectra of reference Co compound, the TCE-exposed Co surfaces could be assigned to be in the form of mainly . XRD patterns for catalyst indicated that the phase structure of Co species in the catalyst even before reaction is quite comparable to the diffraction lines of external standard. A model structure of present predominantly on titania surfaces would be , encapsulated in thin-film species consisting of and , which may be active for the decomposition of TCE in a flow of water.
Heterogeneous Wet Catalysis, Cobalt Oxides;Trichloroethylene; Chlorinated Hydrocarbons;Surface Chemical States;
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기상 TCE 제거반응용 $CrO_x/TiO_2$계 복합 산화물 촉매 디자인,양원호;김문현;

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TiO2에 담지된 금속 산화물 촉매상에서 TCE 산화분해반응,양원호;김문현;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2006. vol.15. 3, pp.221-227 crossref(new window)
CoTiOx의 합성 및 연속 습식 TCE 산화반응에서의 촉매활성,김문현;

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CrOx/TiO2 촉매의 결정성과 TCE 산화반응 활성,김문현;이효상;

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