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Temporal variations of nutrients and chlorophyll-a in the Bottol Bada in July, 2004
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 Title & Authors
Temporal variations of nutrients and chlorophyll-a in the Bottol Bada in July, 2004
Choi Yong-Kyu; Cho Eun-Seob; Kwon Kee-Young; Lee Yong-Hwa; Lee Young-Sik;
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In order to study the temporal variations of nutrients and chlorophyll-a in the Bottol Bada, three field observations were carried out on 20, 23 and 26 July, 2004. The low N:P values exhibit nitrogen deficiency during the periods of observation. This result is not representative of typical summer environment in the southern coast of Korea. The possible mechanisms are as follows: 1) The freshwater inflow was not sufficient for the supply of nitrogen because the total precipitation was 11.9 mm in July, 2004. This amount is no more than in normal precipitation in July. 2) There was an inflow of oceanic water under the subsurface into the Bottol Bada. Even though the oceanic water comprises more nutrients, it produces the stratification between the surface and the subsurface water and seems to prevent the supply of nutrinets to the surface layer. 3) The high chlorophyll-a concentration of was shown near the narrow channel between Gae-do and Geumo-do. This seems to be resulted from the inflow of water from Gamak Bay.
N:P;Bottol Bada;Stratification;
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