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The Evaluation of Water Quality in Coastal Sea of Incheon Using a Multivariate Analysis
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The Evaluation of Water Quality in Coastal Sea of Incheon Using a Multivariate Analysis
Kim, Jong-Gu;
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This study was conducted to evaluate characteristic of water duality in coastal sea of Incheon using a multivariate analysis. The analysis data in coastal sea of Incheon was aquired by the NFRDI data which was surveyed from March 1997 to November 2003. Eleven water quality parameters were determined on each survey The results were summarized as follow : Water quality in Incheon coastal sea could be explained up to 64.62% by three factors which were included in loading of fresh water and nutrients by the land(36.98%), seasonal variation(16.19%), and internal metabolism (11.24%). The results of time series analysis by factor score, in case of factor 1, station 1 influenced by Han river was shown to high factor score and station 3 located by outer sea was shown to low factor score. In case of factor 2, station 1 was appeared to high variation and station 3 was appeared to low variation. The result of cluster analysis by station was classified into three group that has different water quality characteristics. Especially, station 1 which affected by Han river and station 4 which affected by sewage treatment plant was appeared to considerable water quality characteristics against other station. In yearly cluster analysis, three group was classified and water quality in 2003 years due to high precipitation was different to another year. It could be suggested from these results that it is important to control discharge of fresh water by Han rivet and sewage treatment plant for water quality management of coastal sea of Incheon.
Incheon coastal sea;Multivariate analysis;PCA;Time series analysis;Cluster analysis;Factor loading;Factor score;
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