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Aquatic Plant Restoration by Mattress/Filter System in Stagnant Stream Channel
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Aquatic Plant Restoration by Mattress/Filter System in Stagnant Stream Channel
Yeo Woon-Ki; Heo Chang-Hwan; Lee Seung-Yun; Jee Hong-Kee;
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Aquatic plants grow in water with photosynthesis and purify water quality as taking organic and inorganic matter in water. Polluted water in stagnant stream channel where nutritive salts load is great can be purified by activities of aquatic plants. Aquatic plants should be fixed to bed easily to plant and sustainable environment is needed. So in this study, Mattress/Filter system is suggested to plant aquatic plant in stagnant stream channel. In the result of study, coverage of Phragmites australis, Zizania latifolia and Typha angustifolia which planted in mattress was and numbers of species in each mattress system were 7, 11, 3. The evenness index of each mattress system was 0.86, 0.91 and 0.79 and diversity index of each mattress system was 1.67. 2.18 and 0.87. Removal rates of phosphorus at Phragmites australis, Zizania latifolia and Typha angustifolia which planted in mattress were and removal rates of nitrogen of them were . The removal rate of nitrogen was greater than phosphorus at all system and both removal rates were greater at Phragmites australis than at Zirania latifolia and at Typha angustifolia the rate was the least. Removal rates of at Phragmites australis were and at Zizania latifolia were and at Typha angustifolia were . It seems that removal effect is great by the planted mattress system.
Mattress/Filter;Aquatic Plant Restoration;Stagnant stream channel;
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