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Adsorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon Prepared From Waste Citrus Peels by NaOH Activation
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Adsorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon Prepared From Waste Citrus Peels by NaOH Activation
Kang, Kyung-Ho; Kam, Sang-Kyu; Lee, Song-Woo; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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The activated carbon was prepared from waste citrus peels using NaOH. With the increase of NaOH ratio, iodine adsorptivity and specific surface area of the activated carbon prepared were increased, but activation yield was decreased. The optimal condition of activation was at 300% NaOH and for 1.5 hr. For the activated carbon produced under optimal condition, iodine adsorptivity was 1,006 mg/g, specific surface area was , and average pore diameter was . From the adsorption experiment for benzene vapor in fixed bed reactor, it was found that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon prepared from waste citrus peel was higher than that of activated carbon purchased from Calgon company. This result implied that the activated carbon prepared from waste citrus peel could be used for gas phase adsorption.
Adsorption;Activated carbon;NaOH activation;Waste citrus peel;
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