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Influence of Pipe Materials on Corrosion and Bacteria Regrowth in A Model Home Plumbing System
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 Title & Authors
Influence of Pipe Materials on Corrosion and Bacteria Regrowth in A Model Home Plumbing System
Kim, Tae-Hyun; Lee, Yoon-Jin; Lee, Hwan; Lee, Cheol-Hyo; Ahn, Kyo-Chul; Lee, Woo-Sik;
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This study performed in order to evaluate the effects of pipe materials on corrosion and bacteria regrowth using a laboratory scale batch test. Two varieties of feed water with different microbial conditions were selected: tap water, surface river water (Han River water), and five pipe materials; carbon steel, copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel, and PVC, Carbon steel and galvanized iron pipes showed higher corrosion rates than other materials. In terms of attached bacterial growth, pipes with PVC and stainless steel showed higher bacteria concentration compared to other materials. Pseudomonas vesicularis was the predominant bacteria found on biofilm. The behavior of bacterial growth in the pipes was observed using a scanning electron microscope.
Corrosion;Bacterial Regrowth;Water Distribution System;Pipe Material;
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