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Residual Solvents and Mineral Contents in Ginseng Extracts with Different Extracting Conditions
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 Title & Authors
Residual Solvents and Mineral Contents in Ginseng Extracts with Different Extracting Conditions
Lee, Seon-Hwa; Kim, Woo-Seong; Kim, Yong-Mu; Hong, Yeong-Pyo; Ahn, Yeong-Soon; Park, Heung-Jai; Kim, Ok-Hee;
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This study was conducted to investigate the contents of residual solvents and mineral components(11 kinds) in ginseng extracts with different extracting conditions(5 types) and commercial ginseng extract products(domestic, imported). Fine root was extracted with solution having various ethanol concentration after hexane treatment. Among 5 type extracts, residual solvent(hexane) was detected ginseng extracts treated ethanol mixed with hexane. But extracts that dried after soaked in hexane wasn't detected hexane. Mineral components(Al, Mn, Fe, Cu and Zn) were detected in fine root and 5 types of extracts. The contents of mineral components between fine root and extracts with various extracting conditions were similar, however, extracts that dried after soaked in hexane showed the lower amount in Al, Fe, Pb than the others. In comparison with commercial ginseng ex-tract products(domestic, imported), the distribution pattern of mineral was similar but the contents were a little different.
Ginseng extracts;Residual solvents;Mineral contents;Different extracting conditions;Commercial ginseng extract products;
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