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Characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal According to the Variation of Operating Cycles in (AO)2 SBBR
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Characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal According to the Variation of Operating Cycles in (AO)2 SBBR
Park, Young-Seek; Kim, Dong-Seog;
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This study was carried out to investigate the variation of organic, nitrogen and phosphorus in SBBR process according to the variation of operating cycle at the high TOC concentration. The operation time in anoxic (anaerobic) time to oxic time was 1:1. Three lab-scale SBBRS were fed with synthetic wastewater based on glucose as carbon source, The variation of total TOC removal was similar each other irrespective of operation time, however, the TOC concentrations in SBBRs showed a little difference according to the operating condition. In SBBR, complete nitrification was not occurred at all reactors, however, R3 showed a higher nitrification than R2. And in SBBR, the variation of operating time more affected at phosphorus removal than nitrogen removal. R2 which had the shortest time at the 1st aeration time showed the lowest phosphorus release and uptake efficacy.
SBBR;Operation time;Nitrogen removal;Phosphorus removal;High TOC concentration;
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Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)에서 포기시간 변경에 따른 영향 (1) - 영양염류 제거,정노성;박영식;김동석;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2011. vol.20. 1, pp.35-47 crossref(new window)
중년 건강검진 수진자에서 대사증후군과 한방비만변증의 관련성,유정은;조영혜;구현경;김보영;윤영주;

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