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A study on the Characteristics of Urban Dryness in Daegu
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 Title & Authors
A study on the Characteristics of Urban Dryness in Daegu
Park, Myung-Hee; Kim, Hae-Dong;
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It is well known that urban relative humidity has continuous decreasing trend owing to the influence of urbanization. The change of relative humidity is directly influenced by two factors, namely, temperature effect and water vapor effect in various urban effects. In this study, the temperature and tile water vapor effects on the relative humidity change were analyzed by using monthly mean relative humidities for a long period() in Daegu and Chupungnung. The major results obtained in this study can be summarized as follows. Firstly, the urban dryness was caused mainly by water vapor effect in summer. But, for the other seasons, the urban dryness is mainly due to the temperature effect. Secondly, the relative humidity in Daegu is on the decrease until now. This phenomenon is similar to another Korean huge cities such as Seoul, Daejeon and Incheon. But, it is different compared with Japanese huge cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, indicating a standstill in relative humidity change after 1980s.
Urban effect;Temperature effect;Water vapor effect;Urban dryness;
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