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Air Quality Monitoring in Daejeon City with Long-Term NO2 and SO2 Passive Diffusive Samplers
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 Title & Authors
Air Quality Monitoring in Daejeon City with Long-Term NO2 and SO2 Passive Diffusive Samplers
Yim, Bong-Been; Kim, Sun-Tae; Jung, Jae-Ho; Lee, Bum-Jin;
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Long-term passive diffusive samplers(PDS) have been used to measure concentrations at 21 sampling sites in Daejeon, Korea during the period of January 2000 - December 2002. The spatial distributions of annual concentrations were mapped. Average annual concentration over the sampling period was , ranging from 1.2 to 81.7 ppb. Average annual concentration over the sampling period was , ranging from 0.6 to 26.8 ppb. On average, concentration was approximately 5.8%(1.6 ppb) larger in 2002. concentration was decreased by 13%(1.1 ppb) during the sampling period. The seasonal variation of concentration was observed with a tendency to be higher in fall and winter. , concentrations measured at different site types(patterns of land use) show significant difference. The observed difference in concentration was associated with difference in emissions of from motor vehicles and by non-traffic fuel consumption for heating.
Passive diffusive sampler;;;Air quality monitoring;Spatial distribution;
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