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Pretreatment Characteristics and Specific Methanogenic Activity of Municipal Sewage Sludge by Dual Frequency Sonication
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 Title & Authors
Pretreatment Characteristics and Specific Methanogenic Activity of Municipal Sewage Sludge by Dual Frequency Sonication
Jung, Byung-Gil; Jang, Seong-Ho; Sung, Nak-Chang;
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The objectives of this study have been carried out to investigate the solubilization of municipal sewage sludge by single and dual frequency ultrasonic pretreatment, and the methane production characteristics of pretreated sewage sludge by specific methanogenic activity test for sewage sludge reduction. The waste activated sludge was collected from thickened tank of Suyoung sewage treatment plant in Busan city, and its concentration was adjusted to 1.0% total solids. Ultrasonic frequency was varied 15, 20, 15+20 kHz, and acoustic density was used a maximum 176W/L. The dual frequency ultrasonic pretreatment was found to be more effective than single frequency ultrasonic in the solubilization rate and methane production. The , rate were 15.2%, 13.9%, 17.0% with single frequency of 15 kH2, 20 kHz, dual frequency of 15+20 kHz, respectively. The application of dual frequency ultrasound for sewage sludge pretreatment can be interest for sewage treatment plants having problems in sludge treatment and disposal.
Dual frequency sonication;Specific methanogenic activity(SMA);Pretreatment;Sewage sludge;Sludge reduction;
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