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The Content of Heavy Metals in Manufactured Herbal Medicines
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The Content of Heavy Metals in Manufactured Herbal Medicines
Jung, Dae-Hwa; Park, Moon-Ki;
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This study is an endeavor to evaluate the safety of medicines from heavy metals, prescribed on the basis of herbal medicinal system and oriental medical prescription which are circulated much recently. For that, three globular types, four extract granular types and four liquid types of herbal medicine were bought to compare and analyze the content of heavy metals, such as As, Pb, Cd and Hg, which are harmful to human body. The concentration of Pb was found to be 0.552 ppm in Sachiltang, 2.552 ppm in Anjungjogiwhan and 1.735 ppm in Cheongsangbohwawhan in case of pill type herbal medicine, and liquid type herbal medicine, Maekmundongtang was 0.002 ppm, Galgeuntang was 0.003 ppm, Sangwhatang was 0.004 ppm, 20jeon Daebotang was 0.0185 ppm. And the concentration of Pb was found to be 0.322 ppm in Banhasasimtang, 0.47 ppm in Eungjosan, 0.29 ppm in Yukmijihwangtang, 0.64 ppm in Socheongryongtang in case of granular type. It was found that the liquid types herbal medicines were relatively safer than three pill types of, four granular types of and four liquid types herbal medicines were tested for concentration of heavy metals. It is considered that is required in the stage of raw material treatment, manufacturing and packaging because those herbal medicines are directly taken in and absorbed into human body through the final treatment process.
Herbal medicine;Globular types;Granular types;Liquid types;Heavy metals;Oriental medical prescription;
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