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Health Risk Assessment of Occupants in the Small-Scale Public Facilites for Aldehydes and VOCs
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Health Risk Assessment of Occupants in the Small-Scale Public Facilites for Aldehydes and VOCs
Yang, Ji-Yeon; Kim, Ho-Hyun; Shin, Dong-Chun; Kim, Yoon-Shin; Sohn, Jong-Ryeul; Lim, Jun-Hwan; Lim, Young-Wook;
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This study was to assess the lifetime cancer and non-cancer risk of exposure of worker and user at public facilities in Korea to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We measured the concentrations of two aldehydes and five VOCs in indoor air at 424 public buildings that 8 kinds of public facilities (70 movie theaters, 86 offices, 86 restaurants, 70 academies, 22 auditoriums, 30 PC-rooms, 30 singing-rooms and 30 bars) all over the country. There were estimated the human exposure dose and risks with averages of the using-time and frequency for facility users and office workers, respectively. Carcinogens (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and benzene) were estimated the lifetime excess cancer risks (ECRs). non-carcinogens (toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and styrene) were estimated the hazard quotients (HQs). The average ECRs of formaldehyde and benzene for facility worker and user were level, respectively, in all facilities. HQs of four non-carcinogens did not exceed 1.0 for all subjects in all facilities. The estimated ECRs for restaurant and auditorium were the highest, and the PC-room and bar were the next higher facilities. Furthermore, people in a smoking facility had the highest cancer risk. Higher ECRs of formaldehyde and benzene were observed in indoor smoking facilities such as restaurant and auditorium. Higher HQs of toluene and xylene were observed at the restaurant and office building.
Health risk assessment;Public facility;Indoor air;Aldehydes;VOCs;
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