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A Study on Comparison and Evaluation Standard of Photocatalytic Activity for Commercial TiO2
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Comparison and Evaluation Standard of Photocatalytic Activity for Commercial TiO2
Lee, Sang-Jin; Hong, Sung-Chang;
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This study was investigated experimental condition which is able to evaluate photocatalytic activity of various commercial . The experiments were performed for three representative substances (ethanol, phenol and methylene blue) and four kinds of commercial , under the experimental conditions such as pH, reactant concentration, amount of , reaction time and UV intensity. The optimum experimental conditions to evaluate photocatalytic activity were as follows : for ethanol, the initial concentration 1000 ppm, initial pH 8, loadings 0.1 wt%, and reaction time 90 minutes: for phenol, the initial concentration 200 ppm, initial pH 8, loadings 1 wt%, and reaction time 60 minutes: for methylene blue, the initial concentration 200 ppm, initial pH 4, loadings 0.5 wt%, and reaction time 30 minutes.
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