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The Characteristics of Phytoplankton Community of Cold Water in the around Sea of Wando in Summer, 2005
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 Title & Authors
The Characteristics of Phytoplankton Community of Cold Water in the around Sea of Wando in Summer, 2005
Oh, Hyun-Ju; Kim, Seung-Han; Moon, Seong-Yong;
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The data of temperature, chlorophyll a, phytoplankton and NOAA/AVHRR satellite data were analyzed about 7 stations around Wando Island area on August 30, 2005. The sea water temperature range was from to , and there was a cold water mass from the station 1 to 5 around the outside of Chungsando Island, the water temperature was lower at the bottom than surface. The salinity was , DO was , but the concentration of chlorophyll a was 1ug/L higher at the bottom than surface. Total phytoplankton appeared from the whole stations were 47 genus, 80 species and diatoms were dominant. A lot of dinoflagellates Ceratium forca and diatoms Thalassithrix spp. mostly appeared in the cold water mass were turned up from the station 1 to 5. 4 groups of phytoplankton clusters were shown in the surface, and 3 groups of phytoplankton clusters were shown at the bottom according to the water temperature. On the ground of the result analyzed with NOAA/AVHRR satellite data, the SST around Wando Island was , it was formed by thermohaline front latitudinally
Phytoplankton;Cold water;Chlorophyll a;NOAA;SST(surface seawater temperature);
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