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Determination of Simultaneous Analytical Method of Residual Pesticides by Gas Chromatography
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 Title & Authors
Determination of Simultaneous Analytical Method of Residual Pesticides by Gas Chromatography
Choi, Won-Jo; Choi, Gye-Sun; Lee, Hee-Jung; Won, Young-Jun; Park, Heung-Jai; Kim, Woo-Seong;
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The simultaneous determination of residual pesticides was developed using a gas chromatography. In this study, a simple and reliable methodology was improved to detect 175 kinds of residual pesticides by a liquid-liquid extraction procedure, followed by chromatographic analysis by gas chromatography. The 175 kinds of residual pesticides was classified into 4 groups according to the chemical structure, column type, resolution and sensitivity. The soybean sample selected for recovery experiment was not detected any pesticides. The recovery rates were ranged from 70.6% to 119.7% in most pesticides. The relative standard deviation (RSD 0.3~5.6%) was lower than 5.6% in all cases. The limits of detection (LOD) was lower than the maximum residue levels established by Korean legislations. The method has been successfully applied to the analysis of approximately 130 real samples.
Residual pesticides;Gas chromatography;Recovery;Relative standard deviation;Maximum residual level;
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