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Studies on the Behavior of SO2 and NOx over Yellow Sea Area during Long Term Aircraft Measurements(1997~2007)
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 Title & Authors
Studies on the Behavior of SO2 and NOx over Yellow Sea Area during Long Term Aircraft Measurements(1997~2007)
Song, Hyung-Do; Choi, Jin-Soo; Jang, Im-Suk; Kim, Jeong-Soo; Lee, Suk-Jo;
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Aircraft Measurements of gaseous pollutants(, NOx and ) in the Yellow Sea area, were carried out on 1997-2007. Main measurement site in 124-127E, 35-37N (in the Yellow Sea), have been done along the paths classified vertically and zonally. To understand how the air stream affects Long-range transboundary pollutants in Northease Asia (LTP), the tracks of pollutants in northeast Asia have been analyzed by dividing into 6 different regions(regions I-V and L). Compared with Korea's local sources and western north Pacific influenced by the Yellow Sea, when the air stream from region II is dominant, the concentrations are 3-6times higher. In region II and III, concentrations are represented highest at 25.0 and 14.7 ppb, respectively. However, in other regions, concentration was recorderd the highest at 1.1-3.8 ppb, which is 7-15% higher then the highest one over the region II and III. During 1997-2007, the mean amount of incoming pollutants is 0.162 exceeding about 5-times mean amount of outgoing pollutants over the West Sea. During the observed period, the amount of incoming and outgoing over the Yellow Sea is the highest in winter, at 0.224 and 0.120 , respectively.
Long lange transboundary;Aircraft measurement;Backward trajectory;Flux;
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동북아시아 대기오염물질의 이동 패턴에 따른 장거리 수송 특성 연구,박신영;김연종;김철희;

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