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Bench-scale Experiment on Catalytic Decomposition of 1,2 Dichlorobenzene by Vanadia-Titania Catalyst
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 Title & Authors
Bench-scale Experiment on Catalytic Decomposition of 1,2 Dichlorobenzene by Vanadia-Titania Catalyst
Jeong, Ju-Young; Chin, Sung-Min; Jurng, Jong-Soo;
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Catalytic activities of catalyst were investigated under reaction conditions such as reaction temperature, catalyst size, inlet concentration and space velocity. A 1,2-dichlorobenzene(1,2-DCB) concentrations were measured in front and after of the heated catalyst bed, and conversion efficiency of 1,2-DCB was determined from it's concentration difference. The conversion of 1,2-DCB using a pellet type catalyst in the bench-scale reactor was lower than that with the powder type used in the micro flow-scale reactor. However, when the pellet size was halved, the conversion was similar to that with the powder type catalyst. The highest conversion was shown with an inlet concentration of 100 ppmv, but when the concentration was higher or lower than 100 ppmv, the conversion was found to decrease. Complete conversion was obtained when the GHSV was maintained at below 10,000 , even at the relatively low temperature of . Water vapor inhibited the conversion of 1,2-DCB, which was suspected to be due to the competitive adsorption between the reactant and water for active sites.
;1,2-dichlorobenzene;Catalytic decomposition;PCDDs/PCDFs;
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