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Synthesis of Pentadentate Nitrogen-Oxygen(N2O3) Ligands with Substituting Groups and Determination of Stability Constants of Their Transition Metal(II) Complexes
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis of Pentadentate Nitrogen-Oxygen(N2O3) Ligands with Substituting Groups and Determination of Stability Constants of Their Transition Metal(II) Complexes
Kim, Seon-Deuk; Lee, Hye-Won; Jin, Gyoung-Rok;
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Hydrochloric acid salt of a new pentadentate ligand, N,N'-Bis(2-Hydroxybenzyl)-1,3-diamino-2-propanol(H-BHDP 2HCl) was synthesized. Br-BHDP 2HCl, CI-BHDP 2HCl, 2HCl and -BHDP 2HCl having Br, Cl, and substituents at 5-position of the phenol group of H-BHDP 2HCl were also synthesized. The potentiometry study in aqueous solution revealed that the proton dissociations of the synthesized ligands occurred in four steps and their order of the calculated overall proton dissociation constants() was Br-BHDP < Cl-BHDP < H-BHDP < < . The order showed a similar trend to that of Hammett substituent constants(). The order of the stability constants() was Co(II) < Ni(II) < Cu(II) < Zn(II) < Cd(II) < Pb(II). The order in their stability constants () of each transition metal complex agreed with that of the overall proton dissociation constants ().
Pentadentate ligand;Dissociation constants;Stability constants;
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새로운 질소-산소(N3O2)계 다섯 자리 리간드의 합성과 중금속(II) 이온들의 착물 안정도상수에 대한 치환기효과,김선덕;이혜원;설종민;

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