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Effects of Chemical Additives on Nitrogen Contents in Dairy Slurry
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Chemical Additives on Nitrogen Contents in Dairy Slurry
Choi, In-Hak; Kim, Chang-Mann;
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To determine changes in nitrogen contents and optimal rates as N fertilizer, we investigated nitrogen characteristics in the slurry in the respond to the application of 0, 0.5, and 1 g of ferrous sulfate or alum /25g of dairy slurry. Additions of ferrous sulfate or alum increase total nitrogen, inorganic nitrogen, available nitrogen, and predicted available nitrogen contents in dairy slurry, resulting in reduction in pH. The best results were found in the treatment with 0.5 g of ferrous sulfate or alum /25 g of dairy slurry. In conclusion, the use of ferrous sulfate or alum as on-farm amendment to dairy slurry should be represented an alternative to improve N in dairy slurry.
Ferrous sulfate;Alum;pH;Total nitrogen (TN);Inorganic nitrogen (IN);Available nitrogen (AN);Predicted available nitrogen (PAN);Dairy slurry;
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