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Validation of Numerical Wind Simulation by Offshore Wind Extraction from Satellite Images
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 Title & Authors
Validation of Numerical Wind Simulation by Offshore Wind Extraction from Satellite Images
Kim, Hyun-Goo; Hwang, Hyo-Jeong; Lee, Hwa-Woon; Kim, Dong-Hyuk; Kim, Deok-Jin;
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As a part of effort to establish an offshore wind resource assessment system of the Korean Peninsula, a numeric wind simulation using mesoscale climate model MM5 and a spatial distribution of offshore wind extracted from SAR remote-sensing satellite image is compared and analyzed. According to the analyzed results, the numeric wind simulation is found to have wind speed over predication tendency at the coastal sea area. Therefore, it is determined that a high-resolution wind simulation is required for complicated coastal landforms. The two methods are verified as useful ways to identify the spatial distribution of offshore wind by mutual complementation and if the meteor-statistical comparative analysis is performed in the future using adequate number of satellite images, it is expected to derive a general methodology enabling systematic validation and correction of the numeric wind simulation.
Numerical Wind Simulation (NWS);Offshore wind extraction;Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR);
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