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Noise Source of Large Wind Turbine
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 Title & Authors
Noise Source of Large Wind Turbine
Shin, Hyung-Ki; Bang, Hyung-Jun;
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Wind turbine noise become main environmental problem as wind energy have been installed all around. Noise from large wind turbine give annoyance to listener, moreover it increase loading to whole system by restricting blade tip speed. However accurate noise mechanism of wind turbine is not yet examined. This paper reviewed noise source and analysis theory. Broadband noise if main component of wind turbine noise and airfoil self noise is main noise source. These make acoustic analogy hard to apply for analysis. For this reason, experimental equation is method for wind turbine noise prediction up to now. Spectrum analysis shows that vortex shedding noise exists around Hz. This region is most sensitive frequency range to human. Thus it is necessary to reduce this noise source.
Wind turbine noise;Turbulence Ingestrion Noise(TIN);Vortex Shedding Noise(VSN);Turbulent Boundary Noise(TBN);
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