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Prediction of the Efficiency of Factors Affecting Pressure Drop in a Pulse Air Jet-type Bag Filter
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 Title & Authors
Prediction of the Efficiency of Factors Affecting Pressure Drop in a Pulse Air Jet-type Bag Filter
Suh, Jeong-Min; Ryu, Jae-Yong; Lim, Woo-Taik; Jung, Moon-Sub; Park, Jeong-Ho; Shin, Choon-Hwan;
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The pressure drop through pulse air jet-type bag filter is one of the most important factors on the operating cost of bagfilter houses. In this study, the pilot-scale pulse air jet-type bag filter with about 6 m2 filtration area was designed and tested for investigating the effects of the four operating conditions on the total pressure drop, using the coke dust collected from a steel mill factory. When the face velocity is higher than 2 m/min, it is not applicable to on-spot due to the increase of power expenses resulting from a high-pressure drop, and thus, 1.5 m/min is considered to be reasonable. The regression analysis results show that the degree of effects of independent parameters is a order of face velocity > concentration > time > pressure. The results of SPSS answer tree analysis also reveal that the operation time affects the pressure drop greatly in case of 1 m/min of face velocity, while the inlet concentration affects the pressure drop in case of face velocity more than 1.5 m/min.
Pulse air jet-type bag filter;Pressure drop;Face velocity;Pulse pressure;Concentration;
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