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A Synthesis of Spherical MCM-48 with the Molar Ratio of Surfactant and Silica
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 Title & Authors
A Synthesis of Spherical MCM-48 with the Molar Ratio of Surfactant and Silica
Lee, Ha-Young; Park, Sang-Won;
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Mesoporous silica was prepared from hydrothermal synthesis using gel mixture of tetraethylorthosilcate (TEOS) as silica source and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTMABr) as a surfactant. In the optimum synthesis cause, molar ratio of template and silica changed. The surface and structure properties of mesoporous silica were determined by XRD, SEM, TEM and BET. Also, surface potential of mesoporous silica was measured using zeta potential. adsorption isotherm characteristics, including the specific surface area (), total pore volume ), and average pore diameter (), were determined by BET. As a result, SBET of was determined from the adsorption isotherm. Also, the average pore diameter was 2 nm∼4 nm. Mesoporous silica's surface potential of minus charge was determined from zeta potential.
Mesoporous silica;MCM-48;Zeta potential;Pb;Cd;
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