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Characterization of Sea Salt in PM10 at Inland and Seashore in Busan, Korea
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 Title & Authors
Characterization of Sea Salt in PM10 at Inland and Seashore in Busan, Korea
Jeon, Byung-Il;
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In an effort to characterize temporal and spatial variability of and to quantitatively estimate contribution of sea salt aerosol to mass in Busan area, twenty four-hour averaged concentration of were measured in two distinct areas, Gwaebeopdong(inland) and Dongsamdong(seashore), Busan for summer and fall, 2007. It was found that sea salt accounted for 2.9% and 9.5% of mass in Gwaebeopdong and Dongsamdong, respectively for the study period, indicating that contribution of sea salt to mass and total ion concentration in seashore area were consistently higher by a factor of three compared to inland area. Temporal analysis suggested that sea salt contributions to in Dongsamdong were higher in summer due to the southerly sea breeze while there was no significant fluctuation of sea salt contribution for the summer and fall months in Gwaebeopdong. Sea salt enrichment factors() of and (>10) indicated major contributions from anthropogenic sources and EFs of and exhibited strong association with oceanic origins for both areas.
;Sea salt aerosol;Enrichment factor;Coastal urban area;Inland;Seashore;
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