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A Study on the Environmental Characteristic Analysis at Closed Small Sale Landfill Site
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Environmental Characteristic Analysis at Closed Small Sale Landfill Site
Jang, Seong-Ho; Cho, Han-Jin; Lee, Chun-Sik;
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Emissions of leachate, odor, and landfill gas(LFG) from an open-dumping landfill site do harm to public health by contaminating neighboring soil, underground water, and rivers. Particularly, methane() and carbon dioxide(), the main components of LFG, are especially noted as the causing material of the global warming that become seriously recognized worldwide issue. As one of alternatives in managing LFG, incineration of inflammable wastes that are generated during excavation process at an open-dumping landfill has been evaluated. Standard on stabilization for evaluation, neither density nor density could not Because meet 'less than 5%' criterion and so it is right to install a gas collection system during landfill renewal to prevent diffusion of odor and collect it. Because it shows considerable heating value, incineration of inflammable wastes might be the reasonable solution from the result of our study.
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