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Biosynthesis and Control of Keratinase in Recalcitrant Feather-Degrading Bacillus megaterium F7-1
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 Title & Authors
Biosynthesis and Control of Keratinase in Recalcitrant Feather-Degrading Bacillus megaterium F7-1
Jeong, Jin-Ha; Lee, Na-Ri; Jeon, Young-Dong; Kim, Jeong-Do; Park, Ki-Hyun; Park, Geun-Tae; Son, Hong-Joo;
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This study was performed to investigate the nutritional conditions controlling keratinase activity in Bacillus megaterium F7-1. B. megaterium F7-1 produced keratinase using chicken feather as a sole source of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Addition of the feather medium with glucose enhanced keratinase production (68.9 U/ml), compared to control without glucose (63.2 U/ml). The synthesis of keratinase was repressed by addition of in B. megaterium F7-1. The highest keratinase production (70.9 U/ml) was obtained with the feather medium containing glucose and . Keratinase was produced in the absence of feather (4.9 U/ml), indicating its constitutive synthesis. Feather degradation resulted in free SH group formation. B. megaterium F7-1 effectively degraded chicken feather meal (86%), whereas duck feather, human nail, human hair and sheep wool displayed relatively low degradation rates (8-34%).
Bacillus megaterium;Feather;Keratinase;Biosynthesis control;
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