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CO and C3H8 Oxidations over Supported Co3O4, Pt and Co3O4-Pt Catalysts: Effect on Their Preparation Methods and Supports, and Catalyst Deactivation
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 Title & Authors
CO and C3H8 Oxidations over Supported Co3O4, Pt and Co3O4-Pt Catalysts: Effect on Their Preparation Methods and Supports, and Catalyst Deactivation
Kim, Moon-Hyeon; Kim, Dong-Woo; Ham, Sung-Won;
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- and -supported , Pt and -Pt catalysts have been studied for CO and oxidations at temperatures less than which is a lower limit of light-off temperatures to oxidize them during emission test cycles of gasoline-fueled automotives with TWCs (three-way catalytic converters) consisting mainly of Pt, Pd and Rh. All the catalysts after appropriate activation such as calcination at and reduction at exhibited significant dependence on both their preparation techniques and supports upon CO oxidation at chosen temperatures. A Pt/ catalyst prepared by using an ion-exchange method (IE) has much better activity for such CO oxidation because of smaller Pt nanoparticles, compared to a supported Pt obtained via an incipient wetness (IW). Supported -only catalysts are very active for CO oxidation even at , but the use of as a support and the IW technique give the best performances. These effects on supports and preparation methods were indicated for -Pt catalysts. Based on activity profiles of CO oxidation at over a physical mixture of supported Pt and after activation under different conditions, and typical light-off temperatures of CO and unburned hydrocarbons in common TWCs as tested for oxidation at with a Pt-exchanged catalyst, this study may offer an useful approach to substitute for a part of platinum group metals, particularly Pt, thereby lowering the usage of the precious metals.
CO and oxidations;;Preparation method and support effects;Substitute for platinum group metals;TWCs;
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