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Impact of the Variation of Sea Breeze Penetration due to Terrain Complexity on PBL Development
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 Title & Authors
Impact of the Variation of Sea Breeze Penetration due to Terrain Complexity on PBL Development
Park, Soon-Young; Lee, Hwa-Woon; Lee, Soon-Hwan; Lee, Kwi-Ok; Ji, Hyo-Eun;
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In order to clarify the relation between sea breeze penetration and Planetary Boundary Layer development in southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula, several numerical assessments were carried out using atmospheric numerical model WRF(Weather Research and Forecasting). Compared with onset time of sea breeze at eastern coast area(Uljin), the time at southern coast region(Masan) with complex costal line tend to delay for several hours. The penetration patterns of sea breeze between two coastal regions are some different due to the shape of their coastal line and back ground topography. Intensified valley wind due to high topography of lee side of Uljin can help penetration of sea breeze at early time. So penetration of sea breeze at early time often prevent PBL to develop at Uljin and lower PBL height last for a day time. But because of late penetration of sea breeze at Masna, PBL Height dramatically decrease after 1500LST. The distribution of front genesis function based on the heat and momentum variation are explained obviously the sea breeze penetration patterns and agreed well with the PBL height distribution.
Sea breeze;PBL height;WRF;Front genesis function;Complex topography;
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홍수피해 감소를 위한 지역규모 기상모델의 적용성 분석,정용;백종진;최민하;

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