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Germination Characteristics and Early Growth of Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum Seeds
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 Title & Authors
Germination Characteristics and Early Growth of Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum Seeds
Ahn, Young-Hee; Son, Ja-Eun; Lee, Sung-Je; Jin, Ying-Hua; Choe, Chang-Yong; Lee, Kyung-Mee; Kim, Mee-Young; Lee, Seok-Chang;
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This experiment was held to identify the germination feature of Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum which has high economical value. Seeds were collected in the Mt. Changbai in China. To eliminate dormancy of the seeds, chilling treatment were carried out in the refrigerator. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days of chilling treatments were taken. After being Treated, seeds were under 15, 20, of temperature and light, dark conditions respectively to see the differences in germination. Within many features, germination ratio of seeds and germination period were investigated. Also, features related to early growth were checked through the closer look into acrospire, growth of cotyledon of young plant. Over 30 days of chilling treatment was all effective. Especially, 120 days of chilling treatment was most effective. The seeds germinated well in the light conditions. 120 days of chilling treatment, , light conditions were found to be most effective conditions as 54.5% of the seeds germinated. The germination period was 4.29 days. 30 days after germinating, length of the aerial part had been 1.90 cm. But after 45 days, the length grew rapidly to 4.58 cm. Fresh weight of scales plant was also increased dramatically after 45 days. Therefore, transporting the plant 45 days after seeding judged to be good.
Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum;Germination;Dormancy;Chilling;Transporting;
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