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Adsorption Characteristics of Water Vapor on Zeolite
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Adsorption Characteristics of Water Vapor on Zeolite
Lee, Song-Woo; Na, Young-Soo; An, Chang-Doeuk; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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The purpose of this work is to present the experiment results by a dynamic adsorption of water vapor on pelletized zeolites (ADZ300, ADZ400, and ADZ500) in fixed bed. The breakthrough curves of water vapor with several different concentrations and temperature in the range of 25~45 on zeolite bed were investigated. In the same conditions, the breakthrough time on ADZ400 and ADZ500 were little longer than ADZ300, and the equilibrium adsorption capacity on ADZ500 was highest. The higher the concentration of water vapor was, the faster the breakthrough time was, and the slope of breakthrough curves showed a tendency to increase. The faster the flow rate of water vapor was, the faster the breakthrough time was relatively, but variations between flow rate and breakthrough time did not have a proportional relationship. The breakthrough curve maintained constant gradient in spite of variation of flow rate in the same concentration. The temperature rise in zeolite bed by adsorption heat was occurred in the early stage of adsorption. After water molecule layers were formed on the surface of zeolite, the temperature was slowly cooled by water vapors continuously flowed in as constant temperature. The greater the concentration of water vapor and adsorption temperature were, the temperature difference in zeolite bed was increased.
Zeolite;Water vapor;Breakthrough curve;Relative humidity;
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