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Correlation of Releases of Nutrient Salts in Sediment with Vicinal Oxic Conditions
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Correlation of Releases of Nutrient Salts in Sediment with Vicinal Oxic Conditions
Cho, Dae-Chul; Lee, Eun-Mi; Park, Byung-Gi; Kwon, Sung-Hyun;
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The aim of this paper is to correlate the release characteristics of marine and lake sediment with their vicinal oxic conditions. We performed lab-scale simulation experiments using field sediment and water in order to compare the release concentrations and the release rates one another. To provide a few different kinds of oxic environments we used natural air flow and some oxygen releasing compounds such as and . In case of phosphates, in each oxic condition, removal of phosphorus via biological activity and that via salt precipitation with the metal ions lowered the release rates. The behavior of the nitrogen-origin salts seemed to greatly depend on the typical biological actions - growth of biomass, nitrification, and partial denitrification. Generally speaking, the control of releases of -N, -P, T-N and T-P was successful under the oxic conditions meanwhile COD, nitrates and nitrites were difficult to reduce the releases into the bulk water because of the considerable microbial oxidation. Based on typical diffusive mass transfer kinetics the changes of concentrations of the nutrients were computed for qualitative and quantitative comparisons.
Marine and lake sediment;Oxic condition;Release characteristics;Oxygen releasing compound;
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