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The Characteristics of Heavy Rainfall over the Korean Peninsular - Case Studies of Heavy Rainfall Events during the On- and Off- Changma Season-
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 Title & Authors
The Characteristics of Heavy Rainfall over the Korean Peninsular - Case Studies of Heavy Rainfall Events during the On- and Off- Changma Season-
Chung, Hyo-Sang; Chung, Yun-Ang; Kim, Chang-Mo; Ryu, Chan-Su;
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An attempt is made to analyse characteristic features of heavy rainfalls which occur at the metropolitan area of the Korean peninsular the on- and off- Changma season. For this, two representative heavy rainfall episodes are selected; one is the on-Changma season wherein a torrential rain episode happened at Goyang city on 12 July 2006, and the other is the off-Changma season, a heavy rainfall event in Seoul on 21 September 2006. Both recorded considerable amounts of precipitation, over 250mm in a half-day, which greatly exceeded the amount expected by numerical prediction models at those times, and caused great damage to property and life in the affected area. Similarities in the characteristics of both episodes were shown by; the location of upper-level jet streak and divergence fields of the upper wind over heavy rainfall areas, significantly high equivalent potential temperatures in the low atmospheric layer due to the entrainment of hot and humid air by the low-level jet, and the existence of very dry air and cold air pool in the middle layer of the atmosphere at the peak time of the rainfall events. Among them, differences in dynamic features of the low-level jet and the position of rainfall area along the low-level jet are remarkable.
Heavy rainfall;On- and off-Changma;Divergence;Upper and low-level jet;Dry and cold air pool;
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