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Effects of Electrolytic Alkali Water Washing on Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) Muscle Protein Heat Gel Rheology
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Effects of Electrolytic Alkali Water Washing on Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) Muscle Protein Heat Gel Rheology
Lee, Nahm-Gull;
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In this study, the alkiline water washing condition of mackerel(Scomber japonicus) dark meat was investigated to improve processing conditions of red muscle fish meat paste heating gel. Chemical alkaline water(CWM) and electrolytic alkiline water(EWM, pH 12) were used for washing the mackerel raw meat. Washed meats were minced with 2.5% salt and heated at /15 min to testing texture profile analysis. Moisture of CWM and EWM was increased with both washing times(p<0.05). Crude lipids and protiens were decreased with washing times. Lightness of chemical alkaline water washed mackerel heated paste gel(CWHPG) was higher than electrolytic alkaline water washed mackerel heated paste gel(EWHPG). Redness and yellowness were more decreased than control meats. Jelly strength of CWHPG and EWHPG was not increased more than 2 times wased meat and was increased with protein decrease. Texture profile analysis, max force1 of CWHPG and EWHPG was higher hardeness than the control meat except gel strains. From these results, it could be suggested that electric alkialine water washing is also effective in advance the red meat paste heating gel process of kamaboko industry.
Electrolytic water washing;Mackerel meat;Color Difference;Jelly strength;TPA;
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수세 횟수 및 첨가제 비율에 따른 고등어(Scomber japonicus) 소시지의 품질 특성 및 제조조건 최적화,김꽃봉우리;정다현;박시우;강보경;박원민;강자은;박홍민;안동현;

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