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Adsorption of Non-degradable Eosin Y by Activated Carbon
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Adsorption of Non-degradable Eosin Y by Activated Carbon
Lee, Min-Gyu; Kam, Sang-Kyu; Suh, Keun-Hak;
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The adsorption behavior of Eosin Y on activated carbon (AC) in batch system was investigated. The adsorption isotherm could be well fitted by the Langmuir adsorption equation. The kinetics of adsorption followed the pseudo-second-order model. The temperature variation was used to evaluate the values of free energy (), enthalpy () and entropy (). The positive value of enthalpy change for the process confirms the endothermic nature of the process and more favourable at higher temperature, the positive entropy of adsorption reflects the affinity of the AC material toward Eosin Y and the negative free energy values indicate that the adsorption process is spontaneous. With the increase of the amount of AC, removal efficiency of Eosin Y was increased, but adsorption capacity was decreased. And adsorption capacity was increased with the decrease of particle size. With the increase of the amount of AC, removal efficiency of Eosin Y was increased, but adsorption capacity was decreased. And adsorption capacity was increased with the decrease of particle size.
Dye;Eosin Y;Activated carbon;Adsorption;
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