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Caffeine and Carbamazepine: Detection in Nakdong River Basin and Behavior under Drinking Water Treatment Processes
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 Title & Authors
Caffeine and Carbamazepine: Detection in Nakdong River Basin and Behavior under Drinking Water Treatment Processes
Son, Hee-Jong; Yeom, Hoon-Sik; Jung, Jong-Moon; Jang, Seong-Ho; Kim, Han-Soo;
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The aims of this study were to investigated the occurrence of caffeine and carbamazepine in Nakdong river basin (8 mainstreams and 2 tributaries) and the behavior of caffeine and carbamazepine under drinking water treatment processes (conventional and advanced processes). The examination results showed that caffeine was detected at all sampling sites (5.4~558.5 ng/L), but carbamazepine was detected at five sampling sites (5.1~79.4 ng/L). The highest concentration level of caffeine and carbamazepine in the mainstream and tributaries in Nakdong river were Goryeong and Jinchun-cheon, respectively. These pharmaceutical products were completely removed when they were subject to conventional plus advanced processes of drinking water treatment processes. Conventional processes of coagulation, sedimentation and sand-filtration were not effective for their removal, while advanced processes of ozonation and biological activated carbon (BAC) filtration were effective. Among these pharmaceuticals, carbamazeoine was more subject to ozonation than caffeine.
Residual Pharmaceuticals;Caffeine;Carbamazepine;Drinking Water Treatment Process;Behavior;
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