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The Study of DEP Degradation Properties by Combination US and UV Lamp of Different Wavelength
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 Title & Authors
The Study of DEP Degradation Properties by Combination US and UV Lamp of Different Wavelength
Na, Seung-Min; Cai, Jinhua; Shin, Dong-Hoon; Cui, Mingcan; Khim, Jee-Hyeong;
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Diethyl phthalate (DEP) is widely spread in the natural environment as an endocrine disruption chemicals (EDs). Therefore, in this study, ultrasound (US) and ultraviolet (UVC), including various applied power density (10-40 W/L), UV wavelengths (365 nm, 254 nm and 185 nm) and frequencies (283 kHz, 935 kHz) were applied to a DEP contaminated solution. The pseudo-first order degradation rate constants were in the order of to depending on the processes. Photolytic and sonophotolytic DEP degradation rate also were high at shortest UV wavelength (VUV) due to the higher energy of photons, higher molar absorption coefficient of DEP and increased hydroxyl radical generation from homolysis of water. Sonolytic DEP degradation rate increased with increase of applied input power and the dominant reaction mechanism of DEP in sonolysis was estimated as hydroxyl radical reaction by the addition of t-BuOH, which is a common hydroxyl radical scavenger. Moreover, synergistic effect of were also observed for sonophotolytic degradation with various UV irradiation.
Diethyl phthalate;Ultrasound;Ultraviolet;Frequency;Hydroxyl radical;
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파 에너지 (자외선, 초음파)/과황산나트륨을 이용한 이부프로펜 분해특성 연구,나승민;안윤경;;손영규;김지형;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2014. vol.23. 5, pp.963-972 crossref(new window)
자외선과 초음파를 동시에 조사하는 연계 공정의 시너지 효과에 관한 연구,이한욱;한종훈;윤여민;박재우;이종열;허남국;

한국지반환경공학회 논문집, 2014. vol.15. 7, pp.5-11 crossref(new window)
TiO2 광촉매 산화 반응에서 생성된 수산기 라디칼 분석 방법,김성희;이상우;김정진;김순오;

한국광물학회지, 2015. vol.28. 3, pp.245-253 crossref(new window)
The Study of Ibuprofen Degradation Properties by Combination of Wave Energy (Ultrasound, Ultraviolet) and Persulfate Ion, Journal of Environmental Science International, 2014, 23, 5, 963  crossref(new windwow)
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