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An Analysis of the Temperature Change Effects of Restoring Urban Streams in Busan Area
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An Analysis of the Temperature Change Effects of Restoring Urban Streams in Busan Area
Jung, Woo-Sik; Do, Woo-Gon;
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This study is conducted to estimate the air temperature decreasing effects by restoring urban streams using WRF/CALMET coupled system. The types of land use on covered streams are constructed with the land cover map from Korea ministry of environment. Restoring covered streams changes the types of land use on covered areas to water. Two different types of land use(CASE 1 and CASE 2) are inputted to the WRF/CALMET coupled system in order to calculate the temperature difference. The results of the WRF/CALMET coupled system are similar to the observed values at automatic weather stations(AWS) in Busan area. Restoring covered streams causes temperature to be decreased by about according to the locations of streams and the regions that temperature is reduced are widely distributed over the restored area. Reduction of temperature is increased rapidly from morning and maximus at 13LST. Natural restoration of streams will reduce the built-up area within urban. With this, temperature reductions which are the cause to weaken the urban heat island appear. Relief of urban heat island will help to improve the air quality such as accumulation of air pollutants in within urban area.
WRF;CALMET;Land use;Temperature;Restored urban stream;
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