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Compressive Strength and Construction Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Soil Concrete Pavement Using Red Mud Admixture
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Compressive Strength and Construction Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Soil Concrete Pavement Using Red Mud Admixture
Hong, Chong-Hyun;
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The purpose of this study was to develope the environmentally favorable method of roller compacted soil concrete pavement using industrial waste red mud. Red mud was the major solid waste produced in the process of alumina extraction from bauxite(Bayer process). For recycling purpose, red mud was treated and applied to use as concrete admixtures. To this end, laboratory test such as compressive strength of soil concrete, and field test such as construction characteristics of soil concrete pavement, had been conducted. From the study results, the compressive strength of soil concrete was strongly related to its matrix proportion and compaction energy. The optimum mix proportion was comprised of cement 300 , water 110 , fine aggregate 600 , course aggregate 1400 , red mud admixture 50 and compaction energy above 2.86 . The -day and -day mean compressive strength of soil concrete were 43.8 MPa and 53.3 MPa each under the optimum condition. Pavement application of soil concrete using red mud admixture indicated that the proposed method was simple in case of construction and showed a good surface texture.
Compressive strength;Red mud;Roller compacted concrete pavement;Soil concrete;
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