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Ecological Characteristics of Host Plants for Phellinus linteus at Habitats in Gangwon-Do Province, Korea
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 Title & Authors
Ecological Characteristics of Host Plants for Phellinus linteus at Habitats in Gangwon-Do Province, Korea
Choe, Chang-Yong; Ahn, Young-Hee;
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The investigation was made about distribution and ecological characteristics of host plant for Phellinus linteus at habitats in Gangwon-Do. The habitats of P. linteus are the place where the fog is much generated and there is lots of the moisture. The flora of the vascular plants in P. linteus habitats were consisted of 76 taxa; 62 species, 10 varieties and 4 formas of 62 genera of 40 families. The plants of infiltration type were found 70% around P. linteus habitats. This results shows that the natural environments of P. linteus habitat is very stable condition. The categories of vegetation were classified into two types. The host plant for P. linteus appeared 61.6% from Populus tomentiglandulosa. The first type showed up above the sea about 600m and west exposure region. The second type was investigated around the facing north region of the steep slope-land.
Host plant;Phellinus linteus;76 taxa;Environment;Vegetation;
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